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 Guidance Sings

Fluorescent tubes or Halogen lamps.
Serie F - Serie C

Research, studies and design
The experience of FB Technology in terms of installations, operation and maintenance of airfield lighting systems has led it to develop a simple and robust equipment with an excellent ratio light intensity/power and allowing fast and easy maintenance.

The FBT Guidance Signs has been developed using common materials in airfield lighting and standard PL fluorescent tubes Serie F or Halogen lamps for Serie C.

Structure and support
Anti corrosion aluminium structure in profile
Protection with white polyester paint (aviation yellow in option)
Front face polymetacrylate 3 or 4 mm, UV and chemicals resistant
High quality colours films, UV and chemicals resistant
Anti Bird wire (option)
Ingress protection: IP44 for lower case and IP64 for top cover part
Aluminium frangible stands >back to top

Electrical equipment
Serie F
Fluorescent tube type PL , life time better than 10,000 hours.
High performance Converter 6.6A (airfield circuit), ensuring a start-up of tubes at low CCR intensity (2.8A). Operating Temperature: -20C / +55C

Serie C
40W halogen lamp with dichroic reflector, life time better than 1,500 hours.
Operating temperature : -55C / +85C

ICAO: Annex 14, Volume 1,3rd edition 07/99 (luminance), CIE D65 (colours).
CAP 168: Chapter 7, Edition 1995
FAA: Specification L-829 150/5345-44F(frangibility - wind and jet blast resistance).

The electrical equipment is fitted in the top compartment of the sign allowing for fast and easy access.

The top plate allows maintenance personnel to stow measuring equipment and their own equipment cleanly and safely while working on the sign.

Maintenance and tube (or lamp) replacement is carried out without removing the front face Maintenance can be done in complete safety owing to the general power switch (in option). Front face can be easily removed by opening side panel.

Electrical equipment
Safety switch (in option)
Input of cable: right or left.
Supplied with secondary cable 2 metres long with moulded plug type FAA
Other on request

Serie F
Lighting is realised with fluorescent tubes 18W or 24W installed vertically for a best efficiency and an increase of tube life.

Serie C
Lighting is realised using 40W halogen lamps installed on metallic rail for better heat dissipation and increased life

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